Skandmata Puja on Sixth Day of Navratri Celebration 2016

Skandmata Puja on Sixth day of Navratri Celebration 2016:

Goddess Durga took incarnation of Goddess Parvati and she gave birth to Lord Skanda. Goddess Parvati in the form of mother of Lord Skanda, ( who is also known by the name of Lord Kartikeya ) is known as Goddess Skandmata. She is worshiped on the fifth Navratri which is falling on the sixth day of Sharad Navratri 2016.

Goddess Skandmata governs the Budha planet. She rides on the ferocious lion along with six faced baby Murugan in her lap. Lord Murugan is the brother of Lord Ganesh, also known by the name of Lord Kartikeya.

She has four hands. In both her upper two hands, she holds Lotus Flower. In one of her right hand, she carries Lord Murugan and her another left hand remains in Abhaya Mudra. Goddess Skandmaa is also known as Goddess Padmasana as she sits on Lotus Flower. Her complexion is Shubhra that also describes her white complexion. Her favorite flowers are red colored flowers.


Mantra of Praying to Skandmata Devi are:

( i ) Om Devi  Skandmatayayi Namah ( ॐ देवी स्कन्दमातायै नमः ) 108 recitation should be done of this mantra

( ii ) Sinhaasangataam Nityam Padmaanchit Kardwayaa | Shubhdaastu Sadaa Devi Skandmata Yashaswini ||

( iii ) Om Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Maa Skandmata Rupen Sansthita, Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namo Namaha

Which means, Oh Goddess Skandama who rides on Lion with Kartikeya, holds lotus in her two hands and Varmudra in one hand, please shower your blessings on me.

Jai Mata Di ! Shubh Navratri !!