Kushmanda Puja on Fifth Day of Navratri Celebration 2016

Kushmanda Puja on Fifth Day of Sharad Navratri 2016 : 

Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped on the fourth navratri which is falling on fifth day of Sharad Navratri 2016.

Goddess Parvati, after taking Sidhhidatri form, started living inside the Sun so as to liberate energy to the whole universe. After that she is known by the name of Kushmanda Devi.
Goddess Kushmanda has the capability and power to live inside the Sun. Her body has radiance and glow as same as the Sun is luminous. She governs the Sun and provides energy and direction to the Sun.

Goddess Kushmaanda mounts on lioness. She has eight hands and thus she is also called as Ashtbhuja Devi. In her four right hands, she holds Kamandalu, Bada, Dhanush and Lotus flower. In her four left hands, she holds Chakra, Jap Mala, Amrit Kalash and Gada. Her favourite color is red and so red coloured flowers.

In her Jap Mala, she has enormous power to bestow Nidhhis and Sidhhis. She is the creator of Brahmand that is whole universe and she likes white pumpkin's ( Kushmanda ) Bali. Due to this association of Kushmaanda and Brahmand, she is called by the name of Kushmaanda Devi. 



Mantra of Praying to Kushmanda Devi are :

( i ) Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah ( ॐ देवी कूष्माण्डायै नमः ) 108 recitation should be done of this mantra

( ii ) Suraasampoorna Kalasham Rudhiraaplutamev Cha | Dadhaanaa Hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda Shubhdaastu Me ||

( iii ) Om Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Tushti Rupen Sansthita, Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namo Namaha

Which means, Oh Goddess Kushmaanda who holds two pitchers full of Madira and Blood in her lotus hands, please shower your blessings on me. 

Jai Mata Di !! Shubh Navratri !!