Shailputri Puja on First Day of Sharad Navratri Celebration 2017:


Navratri puja is most famous Indian celebration in which Nav Durga Puja is done in homes. Nav Durga Puja is worship of nine forms of Durga.

These Nav Durga are nine celestial feminine strengths. They create (srishti), look after (Sthiti) and destroy (Sanhar) the creation. These Nav Durga are, Shailputri, Brahmcharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.

Each Devi amongst Nav Durga is connected with particular day (tithi) of Navratri. Thus, worship of that Durga on that specific day of Navratri gives best results.

Nav Durga Puja amid Navratri is simple. To begin with, you ought to know which Nav Durga is connected with which day of Navratri.

Here is the rundown of Nav Durga connected with specific day (tithi) of Navratri:

1st day of Navratri Puja: Shailputri

2nd Day of Navratri Puja: Brahmcharini

3rd Day of Navratri Puja: Chandraghanta

4th Day of Navratri Puja: Kushmanda

5th Day of Navratri Puja: Skandmata

6th Day of Navratri Puja: Katyayani

7th Day of Navratri Puja: Kalratri

8th Day of Navratri Puja: Mahagauri

9th Day of Navratri Puja: Siddhidatri

Ghatsthapna Shubh Muhurat:

21st September 2017(Thursday)

6:12 to 8:09 (1 hour 56 minutes)

Pratipada Tithi Begins – 10:59 on 20th September 2017

Pratipada Tithi Ends – 10:34 on 21st September 2017


Shailputri Puja on First Day of Navratri Celebration:

shailputri puja

Shailputri is the name of form of Goddess Durga when she incarnated as daughter of King of Mountains Himachal. Meaning of Shail is mountain and putri is daughter.

Her sheen is equal to crores of moons. She rides on Nandi bull. Her head is embellished with half-moon. She has a trishul (trident) in her right hand and var mudra in other hand.

Mantra for Shailputri Puja are:

(i) Om Devi Shailputryai Swaha ( देवी शैल्पुत्र्यै स्वाहा) (Do 108 recitation of this mantra)

(ii) Vande Vanchhit Laabhaay, Chandrardhkritshekharaam | Vrisharudham Shooldharaam Shailputriim Yashaswinim ||

(iii) Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Prakriti Rupen Sansthita, Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namastasyayi Namo Namaha

Which means, I worship Goddess Shailputri to fulfill my wishes, who is embellished with half-moon on her head, rides on a bull, carry a trishul (trident) and is eminent.

Shubh Navratri 2017!