Rangoli Designs for Diwali Celebration

Rangoli Designs for Diwali Celebration – Rangoli is an art originated in India, derived from a Sanskrit word ‘Rangavalli’. Patterns are created on the floor using different materials. This art is passed from one generation to another keeping their heritage alive in the art form. The powder of white stone is used by mixing some colors to it. The designs are made by spreading these colored powders on the ground.

Rangoli has various names in various states. It is known by the name of Muggu in Andhra Pradesh, Chowk Pujan in Uttar Pradesh, Aripana in Bihar, Alpana in West Bengal, Chowkpurana in Chhattisgarh, Kolam in Tamil Nadu, Mandana in Rajasthan, Saathiya in Gujarat, Kalam in Kerela, Rangoli in Karnataka etc. Designs vary with the regions. In Rajasthan, the different prints are also made on walls known as Mandana according to the necessity of different festivals. Rangoli of the same type is known as Kaloti in Gujarat.

In these designs, the desire of well-being is expressed by drawing geometrical patterns, deity impressions, figures, birds, flowers, leaves, creepers, and shrubs. This is the unique part of the day-to-day folk life of a particular region or place. It is generally drawn at the entrance of a house. It brings good luck and prosperity. It is made for spirituality and auspiciousness.

It is specially made on the occasions of wedding, different festivals, ceremonies, etc. on clean and clear background either on floor or wall.

Regional traditions influence the material, design, and shape of Rangoli. Rangoli is created using different materials such as rice, sand, dry flour, chalk, marble powder, semolina, pulses, grains, leaves, wood shavings, flowers, petals, paint, diyas etc. People make dry or wet rangoli as per the material availability.

Few Rangoli Designs for Diwali Celebration I would like to share for your reference:

Flower Rangoli

flower rangoli

Grain / Pulses Rangoli

grain/ pulse rangoli

pulse/grain rangoli

Acrylic Rangoli

Acrylic rangoli

rangoli designs for diwali 2016

Rice Rangoli

rice rangoli

rice design

Color Rangoli

Rangoli Design for Diwali 2016

color rangoli

Vegetable Rangoli

Vegetable rangoli

Fruit & Bangles Rangoli

fruit and bangles rangoli

Ganesha Rangoli

ganesha rangoli


Chalk and Flower Petals Rangoli

chalk and flowers rangoli

Flower Petals with Acrylic Rangoli

flower petals rangoli

Dry Flour and Leaves Rangoli

dry flour rangoli

Solah Shringar rangoli

solah shringar rangoli

solah shringar design

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali Celebration !!