How to Organise Navratri Theme Party ?

Awesome Tips to Organise Navratri Theme Party

Navratri is here and individuals are exceptionally quick to organize some intriguing and very much orchestrated Navratri Theme Party. So here I am with my concept of complete Navratri theme party. Trust you will like my thoughts.

navratri theme party

  • Navratri is the most auspicious festival of India and thus you can decorate your party hall with flowers, colorful dupattas, diyas, candles and rangoli. You can have a sitting arrangements with Chowkis.


  • Don’t forget to put a beautiful idol of Goddess Durga in the center of the hall. The dresscode for this theme will obviously be a traditional Indian attire. Saree in Gujrati style or ghagra chunri will be the best dress-code for Navratri Theme Party.


  •  Give each member a pair of colorful dandiya or a colorful chunri or a red bangle or a puja thali with puja samigri as a welcome token.


  • To make it more relevant to the theme you can also serve the navratri special food in traditional pattals.


  • Try to divide your guests into teams. You can make 2 or more teams according to the strength of your party. Individuals can also play games.

Now you can arrange these type of games for navratri theme party as per your convenience and material available

  •  Making a Flower Garland

Image result for flower garland making

The garland game. Give each member flowers and needle-thread. This is a one minute party game and the members have to make garlands for Goddess  Durga’s idol in one minute. The garland must be long enough to get into the idol comfortably. The member who makes the maximum number of garlands or the longest garlands will certainly grand a point.

  • Light the Diyas


Then comes lightening the diyas. Give them diyas, batti, ghee and match box or you can give wax diyas. This would again be a one minute party game and the members have to light the maximum diyas in one minute in front of Goddess Durga’s idol. The member who lights the maximum number of diyas will certainly grab a point for their team.

  • Solah Shringar Rangoli

solah2 solah1

Now comes the turn of rangoli – main aspect of festival. Bring many rangoli colors and solah shringar items from market to play this game. Call each team and ask them to make best rangoli designs in one minute. The only rule is that  they can make only the mythological figures such as kalash, diya, ganpati, om, swastik etc.

  • Navratri Special Tambola


This navratri theme tambola is made on jute mat and a khus water pot in center, which can be used later for your mandir. You have the dividends with the 4 aspects of navratri- kalash, havan kund, garba, puja thali. You can write 4 numbers on each . The members have to call out the 4 names when they get a dividend. You can name the full house as ‘Shubh Navratri’.

  • Envelopes for Tambola


You can make Kalash shaped envelopes from paper or some traditional shaped potlis to keep money for tambola.

  • Navratri Theme Party Crossword Puzzle


Give one printout and a pen to each member and tell them to do the word search. One with the maximum and correct words will be the winner.

Jai Mata Di & Shubh Navratri!