Navrtari Dress – What colors to wear during Navratri?

Navratri festival is approaching and you must be looking for the Navratri dress code guide to follow and make your celebrations much more joyous along with the rituals and customs.

Navratri means 'nine nights' during which Goddess Durga is worshiped. People keep fast and celebrate by performing Garba in Dandiya Nights. Dandiya Sticks are also decorated with so much pomp and zeal. Fashion also follows the festival theme.

During Navratri wearing the similar color Navratri dress as that of Navratri color of the day is in vogue amongst women, especially in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Hence, women adorn themselves with a specific color Navratri dress and accessories during each day of Navratri. Whether it is going to work or going for Dandiya and Garba, women are excited about wearing specific color Navratri dress during each day of Navratri.

navratri dress

Based on the weekday the first color of the Navratri is decided when Navratri begins. The remaining eight days follow a fixed cycle of Navratri Dress colors.

Following is the nine-day Navratri Dress color format to be followed during Navratri…

Pratipada – Navratri 1st Day – Royal Blue
Dwitiya – Navratri 2nd Day – Yellow
Tritiya – Navratri 3rd Day – GreenRed
Chaturthi – Navratri 4th Day – Grey
Panchami – Navratri 5th Day – Orange
Shashti – Navratri 6th Day – White
Saptami – Navratri 7th Day – Red
Ashtami – Navratri 8th Day – Sky Blue
Navami / Vijayadasami – Navratri 9th Day – Pink

Hope these nine days will add more colors to your life like these colorful dresses and may Goddess Durga shower her blessings on you.

Wish all of you a very Happy Navratri!