India is an incredible country and is famous all over the world for its rich cultural heritage. It has many cultures and religions with lots of festivals lined up one after the other. Life is all about celebration – Let’s Celebrate Everything with Navratri Diwali Celebration.

When and why Navaratri Diwali Celebration was founded?

New generation does not have much idea about the customs, rituals and traditions. Every time they need to ask someone or the other, which they don’t prefer much. It’s a 4G generation which prefers to Google everything and become a jack of all trades. So, my idea to help them through this blog worked out and came up with flying colors.

Navratri Diwali Celebration provides information about Festivals and Fasting days known as “Vrat” and dates based on Hindu calendar. Since 2016 Navratri Diwali celebration is in the service to provide each and every update about the events of Indian Festivals and Traditions.

This blog not only provides information about Navratri, Diwali and other Indian Hindu Festivals, but also other National and International days and festivals. It helps you by providing information about proper procedures and methods to celebrate any festival. It tries to publish accurate information about timings and dates of all the festivals – procedure, rituals, custom to be followed and also “Vrat Katha” (in Hindi and English both) to make it more comfortable and convenient for all the readers.

You can find everything related to a particular festival at one place here – be it décor, food, puja methods, related legends and stories, images and much more.

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Divya is a freelance writer, who loves to read and write. Being passionate about art, reading, writing, music, creativity, she loves to do research on different cultures and discover new things every now and then. She tries to keep alive India’s rich cultural heritage and believes in Simple Living High Thinking!

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Celebrate Everything with Navratri Diwali Celebration!