Karwachauth Vrat Vidhi and Puja Muhurat 2016

Karwachauth Vrat Vidhi and Puja Muhurat 2016:

Chaturthi Tithi Begins – 22:47 on 18th October 2016

Chaturthi Tithi Ends – 19:32 on 19th October 2016


Karwachauth is the most awaited festival for women, not only for Hindu community but for all communities, it is trending in young generation. Along with the wives, their husbands also keep fast as a symbol of love. It is a one day festival which is celebrated from sunrise to moonrise. Karwachauth falls on the fourth (Chauth) day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Women get dressed in Indian traditional attire.

Karwachauth is observed on the same day by different month names known in different states. On the same day, Sankashti Chaturthi, a fasting day for Lord Ganesha is also observed. All the married women follow rituals and customs of Karwachauth fast for long life of their husband. This fast is said to be strict and kept without water and food from sunrise till the moonrise.

karwachauth argh

Karwa Chauth day is also famous by the name of  Karak Chaturthi ( करक चतुर्थी ). Karwa or Karak is the mud pot or pitcher through which water offering, called as Argha ( अर्घ ), is made to the moon ( Chandra ). Karwa is exceptionally important for Puja and it is additionally given as Daan to the Brahmin for the well being of family.

Contrast with South Indian states, Karwa Chauth is more well known in North Indian states. Following four days of Karwa Chauth, Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is watched for the prosperity of children. It is believed that fasting is done not only for the long life of husband but also for sons, grandsons, prosperity and wealth of the family.

All the married women worship Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha on this day and break their fast after worshiping Moon at night. Goddess Parvati who is considered to be Akhand Saubhagyawati is worshiped during the puja on this auspicious day. Gaura Devi and Chauth Mata are adorned as a form of Goddess Parvati for all the rituals.

Vrat Vidhi

Women apply henna (mehendi) on their palms and feet one day before and arrange puja items as follows:

puja items for karwachauth

  • Chowki for Puja
  • Cow dung for making idol of Gaura Devi or Printed Calendar
  • KarwaChauth Katha Book
  • Mathri for bhog and baya
  • Sindoor or Kumkum
  • Red Thread ( mauli/kalawa )
  • Karwa ( clay pitcher )
  • Puja thali with puja samigri (roli,chawal,phool,etc.)

Morning Sankalp with Sargi


Mother-in-law gives Sargi ( the pre-dawn Karwachauth meal with pheni sweet) to her daughter-in-law. Early in the morning, women take bath and take sankalp ( pledge ) to keep the fast of Karwachauth throughout the day without water and food, for the long life of their husband and family prosperity. Fast will be broken after praying to Moon at night by giving Argha ( अर्घ). Sankalp Mantra can be recited as follows:

"मम सुखसौभाग्य पुत्रपौत्रादि सुस्थिर श्री प्राप्तये करक चतुर्थी व्रतमहं करिष्ये।"

Which means "I would observe the fast of Karak Chaturthi for the wellbeing of my husband, sons and grandsons and to gain prosperity and wealth".

Evening Karwachauth Puja

KarwaChauth Puja Muhurat – 17:54 to 19:09 ( Duration – 1 hour 15 minutes )

karwachauth thapa

As per our religious books, Sandhya ( evening ) time is considered to be the best for Karwachauth puja, wherein, all the women seek blessings from Goddess Parvati in the form of Gaura Devi or Chauth Mata. Women either draw the Goddess images on the wall with geru or use printed calendar available in the market for the same.

karwachauth puja

Group of women wears their wedding chunri, sit in a circle and perform puja by narrating Karwachauth Vrat Katha and karwa filled with water or milk is kept covered in front of each lady respectively. Red colored thread ( mauli ) is tied to the helm of karwa. Karwas are exchanged 7 times with each other. Puja is done with roli, chawal, phool by reciting the puja mantra as follows:

"नमः शिवायै शर्वाण्यै सौभाग्यं संतति शुभाम्‌। प्रयच्छ भक्तियुक्तानां नारीणां हरवल्लभे॥"

Which means "Oh Lord Shiva, please bestow long life of my husband and beautiful sons to your women devotees". After this Goddess Gaura, Lord Shiva, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha are worshiped. Then, this karwa is donated to any Brahmin with dakshina or any suhagan lady by reciting the following mantra:

"करकं क्षीरसम्पूर्णा तोयपूर्णमथापि वा। ददामि रत्नसंयुक्तं चिरञ्जीवतु मे पतिः॥"

Which means "Oh milk filled Karwa with precious stones; I donate you , so that my husband is long lived".

karwachauth baya

Sweets and mathri sent by mother are also given to mother-in-law in the form of Baya and her blessings are taken.

Moon Puja at Night

Moonrise on Karwachauth Day – 21:05

moon puja

After puja, all the women wait for moonrise and once the moon rises, they worship moon by offering roli, chawal, phool, sweets and Argha and showing Deepak. In some communities, women see their husband through sieve during this puja, take blessing from their husband and then break their fast.