8 Simple and Expert Tips for Deep and Rich Karwachauth Mehendi Color

Mehendi – also known as Henna holds an immense significance in Indian traditions. Be it wedding or any festival such as Karwachauth, Teej, Diwali, Bhai Dooj mehendi is extremely loved by everyone. Women apply mehendi on their feet, palm, arms to decorate or mark tradition or just for trend. Mehendi is applied to calm down women due to their hectic schedule during weddings or festivals. It is believed that mehendi reduce their stress level.

As told by older people, the darker the color of mehendi, the more love you receive from your husband or you are more attached to your mother-in-law. While this may be a folklore and no real significance in reality, every girl loves to have a glorious mehendi with darkest and deepest color.


To make your Karwachauth Mehendi rich and dark, follow these simple expert tips:

  1. Mehendi Oil

mehendi oil

Before applying Karwachauth mehendi, hands should be properly washed with soap and mehendi oil is applied all over where you want your designs to be embedded.

  1. Leave for a longer time

Let your mehendi stay for atleast 3 to 4 hours, do not rush to scrape it off, after all it is reducing your stress level. Let it dry completely and rub your palms together till it falls off.

  1. Sugar Lemon mixture

sugar lemon mixture

For deeper penetration of mehendi and detailed designs, apply sugar lemon juice mixture (1 spoon sugar with few drops of lemon juice – NO WATER) with a cotton ball once your mehendi is dried. Do not over use this mixture.

  1. Wrap it up

Mehendi design can be wrapped up completely with a cotton cloth as mehendi gives deep color in warmth.

  1. Apply Balm or Oil

 karwachauth mehendi

You can also apply balms or vicks or mustard oil after scraping off dried mehendi, it stimulates the color more.

  1. Take Clove Steam

clove steam

You can take steam ( bhaap ) of cloves ( laung ) by heating few cloves on round griddle ( tawa ) and let fumes of clove steam reach your design.

  1. Do not Wash

do not wash

Do not wash your mehendi with water or soap. Try to keep your hands dry at least for 12 hours after scraping off mehendi.

  1. Do not use blow dryer

do not blow dry

You should not use blow dryer to dry your mehendi fast, it can ruin your design affect the color. Let it dry naturally.

karwachauth mehendi color

Wish you a Happy and Loving Karwachauth Mehendi !!