22 Safety and Health Tips to Celebrate Diwali

Everybody waits eagerly to celebrate Diwali with full pomp and show. It is well said that all's well that ends well. Make sure you take sufficient precautions to celebrate Diwali. While keeping the spirit of festival alive, let's follow these safety and health tips.

22 Safety and Health Tips to Celebrate Diwali

  1. First and foremost safety tip to celebrate Diwali comes for bursting firecrackers. Children should burst firecrackers only under the supervision of adults.
  2. Do not hold infants and younger kids while bursting crackers, make them enjoy the scene from distance.
  3. Firecrackers must be bought from a licensed shop with sealed packing and a safety mark on it.
  4. Firecrackers must be stored in a closed box and away from the source of fire, inflammable objects and ignition.
  5. Crackers should be burst in open fields with space to avoid accidents, the place must not be congested as in streets or narrow roads.
  6. There should not be electronic wires, switchboards open or any electric poles where you are planning to burst crackers.
  7. People should stand at an arm’s distance while bursting crackers. Instead of using matchstick use a long candle or a long (sparkler) fuljhadi to burst other crackers.
  8. Children below should not be given flower crackers or rockets.
  9. One or two buckets of water should be kept by your side when you are bursting crackers so that you can immediately dip crackers in water after bursting it to diffuse it completely.
  10. Do not burn cracker in your hand. If any cracker is not lightening up, do not try it again and again, sprinkle or pour some water on it and move on.
  11. Avoid wearing nylon clothes, loose clothes and flairy dresses such as lehengas, anarkalis, duppattas which linger on the floor while walking. Wear cotton and full sleeves comfortable clothes while bursting crackers.
  12. Fire – extinguisher, a blanket and a first aid kit should be kept handy. Children can wear masks and use ear plugs to avoid the problems caused by air pollution and noise pollution.
  13. People with breathing problems should carry their inhalers with them as there is a lot of smoke all around.
  14. Pets should be taken care of especially on this day as it is very uncomfortable for pets to bear noise pollution. Stay with them inside and make them comfortable.
  15. Avoid lighting oil lamps near curtains, edges, and railings so that it doesn’t fell down.
  16. Now comes sweet treats, always buy sweets on Diwali from a trusted shop and consume the same in the defined period by the shopkeeper.
  17. Avoid gifting perishable sweets and gifts to your friends and relatives as everyone is busy during festival days and could not see the gifts before time.
  18. Use chemical free rangoli colors, you can always use edible things such as rice, semolina, flour mixed with edible colors.
  19. During hectic days of Diwali festival, try to plan everything in advance and divide your tasks day by day so as to avoid last minute rush which can make you tired and exhausted.
  20. Avoid junk and fried food on the go. Drink plenty of fluids and carry your homemade food while moving in long traffic jams to your friends and relatives place to give them gifts during Diwali.
  21. Try to meet all the friends and relatives in groups at one common place and exchange gifts with them to save your time, money and long traffic jams during Diwali.
  22. Children should take proper rest so that they can enjoy the festival time with joy and full happiness.

Happy and safe Diwali

Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!