20 Best Gift for Diwali Celebration

Best Gift for Diwali Celebration – Festival reflects the traditional value and background of a culture. The commonness of all the festivals is that it celebrates humanity full of colors. Gifts are the core part of any festival. It is rightly said that excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.

20 best gift for Diwali celebration – useful, spiritual or ethnic gifts your friends and relatives would definitely appreciate:

ganesha idol

1.To start with, idols of Lord Ganpati is the best gift for Diwali celebrarepresentst represent the good start of any new work and symbolizes the success. It can be kept at the entrance for good luck.

laxmi ganesha

2. Goddess Laxmi idols can also be gifted as it represents the Goddess of Wealth. Idol of Goddess Laxmi is in itself a pure gift. A pair of Laxmi – Ganesh ji is also counted as the best gift for Diwali celebration.

diya stand

3. The festival of lights, Diwali symbolizes the line of lights that is oil lamps. A box of mud lamps painted in different colors or a beautiful stand to hold the mud lamps with some peacock design or hands design will look good in any corner of the house for decoration.


4.Best gift for Diwali celebration – Everyone decorates their entrance and their doors with ethnic torans (ornamented arch of a gateway). Floral torans made with crystal beads, plastic flowers, plastic leaves will give a perfect look to the Diwali celebration decoration.

counting device

5. A string of prayer beads also known as Rosary (Japa Mala) could be the best gift for Diwali celebration for religious people. A new version of counting mantra chants can also be gifted, it comes with a small watch like strap that can be worn on finger. It works with a mini battery and a button is pressed every time you complete a mantra.

small mandir or temple

6. A small sacred temple of glass, mud, wood or marble is after all culturally a best gift for Diwali celebration pujan.

7. Dandiya sticks represent the swords of Goddess Durga. Decorated dandiya sticks will be very useful for people to attend the Garba nights and cultural functions during festival celebration.

Acrylic rangoli

8. Rangoli represents the desire of happiness, which every women make on the day of Diwali at their entrance to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Eco – friendly Rangoli colors or readymade Rangoli tiles made of PVC, wood, acrylic sheets can be gifted to make them happy and to save their precious time during hectic days.

9. Festival celebration is incomplete without a toran. Various fabric and wooden torans with ethnic and traditional prints such as satwik patterns or beaded torans can also be gifted.

ganesha mural

10. Murals look good on any wall and accepted by all. You can choose the murals of different Gods and Goddesses, which your friends will appreciate to receive.

holy book stand

11. Holy Book Stand or holder to keep and read the religious books, which are big and heavy is also a best gift for Diwali celebration.

12. Decorative wall hangings and wall lamps (kandil) will add a delight to the festival celebration.

puja thali

13. Decorated Puja Thali with all the puja material in it will increase the excitement of puja.

diya box

14. Wax diyas or candles are much awaited gift for Diwali. The more you get, the more you want as you want to light up your house endlessly.

15. Religious books with all the puja procedure, religious calendar, and religious songs (bhajans) and Aartis required for the puja will again be the best gift for Diwali celebration.

16. Everyone loves garlands, be it of fresh flowers or artificial flowers. These can be used either to decorate house or can be used in temple.

box of divine items

17. A platter of divine items can also be considered in the list of best gift for Diwali celebration, which contains all the puja accessories such as incense sticks (agarbatti ), dhoop batti, its case, stand or holder. Wooden hand carved boxes or holders are in trend.

bell or ghanti

18. Bells for mandir also known by the name of Ghanti can also be gifted.

19. A pack of bhajan and aarti CD s can also be gifted during Diwali. Melodious bhajan chanting will fill their home with pure positive and vibrant energy.

best gift for diwali 2016

20. Puja crafts such as embroidered Shubh Laabh (sticked at the entrance or in mandir , Goddess Laxmi’s Charan ( feet imprints ) would be the beautiful and best gift for Diwali celebration.

Happy Diwali and celebrate with the Best Gift for Diwali celebration!